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Skillful Drilling and Core Sampling

We precisely drill boreholes and collect geological samples for resources exploration, geological surveys, well and subsurface monitoring, and our advanced technical competency is held in high regard among customers.

A borehole is drilled into the earth for the purpose of resource exploration, geological surveys, ground water or hot spring wells, installation of subsurface monitoring instruments. Depth, diameter sizes, and the tilt angle of a hole are designed in accordance with the intended purpose. Though some geological and rock mass conditions make drilling as intended difficult, it is not easy to know detail subsurface conditions before drilling. Based on our geological survey skills and our extensive track record, we can propose drilling methods and instruments suitable for predicted subsurface conditions and our experienced skills enable successful drilling as intended. In addition, collecting geological core samples without leaving remains is as important as precisely drilling for resource exploration and geological surveys. Though geological layers and rock mass inhibiting the sampling of core specimens frequently arise during drilling, our experienced skill and advanced equipment allow for high core sample recovery. Our precise and high quality drilling and core sampling techniques are regarded with high esteem from customers of civil services, academic organizations, research institutions and private companies. Recently, not only do we complement onshore drilling efforts, but also support offshore drilling to explore mineral resources in deep sea environments.

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