Greeting from the President

Sumiko Resources Exploration & Development (SRED) was founded in 1963 by Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd., a major non-ferrous metal mining and smelting company based in Japan, as a consulting firm for resources exploration and environmental investigation using geological exploration and related technologies including drilling and geophysical surveys. Following Sumitomo’s Business Spirit of “placing prime importance on integrity and sound management,” we are aiming for contribution to evolution of societies domestically and internationally. We have endeavored to constantly develop and introduce variety of advanced technologies, while maintaining the long-established managerial philosophy, to flexibly and swiftly meet social needs.

In Japan, SRED made great achievements in prospecting, exploitation and development of Hishikari Mine, the nation’s largest gold mine, and other mining projects of the parent company. We have also been engaged in establishment of the seismographic networks for prediction of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and in the nationwide projects for exploration of geothermal and mineral resources, including seabed materials.

In the international scene, SRED conducted mineral, energy and water resources exploration for Official Development Assistance projects supported by Japanese government, as well as for securing of resources. Utilizing various networks established through our achievements and experience over many years, we have enhanced our technological capabilities and human resources to address forthcoming internationalization of consulting business.

Our mission has been and will be to improve our own technologies, to protect the global environment, and to present proposals, investigations and examinations of the findings toward realization of bright future for our descendants.

As a trustworthy consulting firm in the field of resources exploration and environment investigation, all the directors and staff at SRED will strive for contributing to society through our business activities as well as further developing technologies based on our wide range of experience.

We appreciate your further patronage.

Kazuya Okada,Dr.Eng.

President & Representative Director